Kindred Spirits and Connections

It’s really hard to find complex conversations today according to Jen Lee and Indie Kindred, the project that she is currently working on with several other artists bridges the gap.  It is so true, these days everything is fit into a snippet or a poster or a few words; missing details and important fixtures and pieces.
Life is difficult and sometimes hard to navigate and if all of us had kindred souls to work with, talk with, write with and understand our purpose and our story we could all feel and see and reach our full potential as creators.

I constantly wish peace and love and hugs and good thoughts but is that really enough? Are they just words unconsciously typed or is there true meaning in the words. I know that they are REAL words and I know that I type them with love and regard and every time I type those words, I really do hope that they mean something to another who may read them....

The way our souls are trying to integrate with one another in such a difficult world is challenging and rewarding in the same breath.  I look forward to seeing the finished documentary that Jen Lee is working on. 

Here is a quick link to the trailer of Indie Kindred:

Indie Kindred Trailer from Jen Lee on Vimeo.

Kindred Spirits...


An Important Breakthrough In Cancer Research - Gene Mapping

For so many years I have missed that Di "smile" and I just know that she is beaming from this recent news. Something that we know that she would be so very proud of, the research, the testing, the availability and the progress.

Di participated in a study for the breast cancer gene for her family, her children and the future children in her family.

So proud of Di's mom and sister for this interview...
Di's legacy IS an important framework for the future...

And Tugged heartstrings forever....


Happy Mother's Day

Today we celebrate Mother's Day and highlight the importance of these women in our lives. 
Di was a great mother, a great friend and a great woman....

I just miss her every day and today with the reminder of Mother's Day, it brings my thoughts back to the memories, the love, the kindness and then the overwhelming loss......

Happy Mother's Day to all the mother's today! 

Peace, Love and Hugs,


Chloe ... Another Birthday!

happy birthday to Chloe ... you are so very loved and your mom was always so proud of you!
There is a star above watching over you that is twinkling brightly...

Birthday Wishes...

The people we meet form the foundation of our lives that when built upon allow us to bloom and blossom in ways that we never would have anticipated.