Angels Among Us

Another angel joined Di last evening; one I met in cyberspace through her wonderful photography talents.  And she, like Di, had talents and dreams and aspirations and family and kids and a long agenda ahead of her to fulfill and sustain her overflowing cup of kindness and goodness. 

I'm sure that Di and her are becoming quick friends with their wit and general gift of gab. 
Di is probably dancing among all the spring flowers and Chris is probably wearing out that shutter on her camera.

Let them both be free of the ugly green cancer monster....

We will miss them just like everyone else misses their loved ones that have lingered for so long with pain and suffering and through diligence they fought that battle with all their might and will and heart.

Peace be with you and your family, Chris Monaghan.
Much Love,


Di's Girls

We spent an afternoon a couple of years ago taking photos of Di's oldest daughter for her graduation photos and then afterwards, we pulled the old white wicker loveseat off the front porch and put it in the front yard.  Di loved these photos of "her girls".

Sisters by Heart

After Di passed, a friend gave me a set of Willow figurines.  She told me that although she never knew Di, she knew that she was a wonderful person and that I had a bond with her that was similiar to being sisters.  I cried all the way through reading her enclosure card and what she said really was true...

Sisters by Heart...


3-18-2010 --- Weather is 61 Degrees right at this moment; can I smell SPRING?

Spring is coming...
I found some blooms peeking through the ground
Looking for sunlight and warmth
Opening from a winter nap
Wish Di was here to see all her flowers that will be sprouting soon...

I Believe..... A quote sent by a friend...so very true

I Believe...

That the people you care about most in life

are taken from you too soon.

But through the windows of our individual souls we have opportunities

to teach the world

about their magnificience

about their meaning and

about the happiness that they brought to our lives.


Etchings Upon My Soul

In 1999, Di and I took a book printing and book making class.
Neither of us knew what we were in for but on the first day of class we formed a bond with Bonnie, a professor and that bond continued through the years even though the last time I saw her was at the last benefit that was given in Di's honor.  
Printmaking is a passion of Bonnie's and she has published many of her works and is a joy to just "chat" with. 

Di made a wonderful book that she wrote about family and raising a family and she put her "Di spin" on it and brough both humor and her incitefulness to the entire process.
We spent a lot of long evenings in the art lab setting type, pre printing, printing and sewing and binding books.
Di's book was featured at the opening of the Book Arts Gallery and she sold some copies of it too.

The book that I did was written and inspired by the people that have had a profound influence on my life.  Little did I know when I was writing the text for my book, I was writing in the present then, Di with me, around me and offering unsolicited comments (she was one of the few that had read my writings over the years), about the future of what is today and tomorrow and what the next phase of my life will hold.
We sometimes look at the present as the "now" and "here" and not as the "what will become"

Profound people and things effect and affect us forever...


We live within a byway of memories
that bind us to one another
Peering back and looking forward
retracing footsteps
pondering in the future for enlightenment
taking comfort in the outreaches
of the past for serenity

We weave in and out
as the strands of fibers interlock
creating the quilts of our lives
gilded so intricately and precise,
ardent and surrounding us with opulence

We find a secure place between
here and there with affinity
as we turn the tattered pages of our lives

We open new chapters
and close those ones
that we had not expected to...
unforgettable bonds forged
as the seasons change,

fall to spring, summer to winter
And with the brisk air
or the first snowflake

We sometimes find clarity
lingering in the background
awaiting our invitation
of realization
as we are balancing our lives
on a string and trying just to survive

We and you and us and I
cause the impressions on our souls
that are imprinted as etchings
within the lock and key of life
like ripples on a body of water
they cause effects that linger

Concluding how quickly
our days go by with
the tickin' of the clock
as the sunrise burns in
and blinds us momentarily
as we recollect and reminisce

Poignant portraits of you and us and we, weather time
Holding hands and sharing smiles
Flourishing with friends and confidants
Allowing us to dictate who we are as we live with
compassion, distinction and forthrightness
Watching tremendous thunderstorms together
Long nights reminiscing through lengthy conversations

Tears shed for those we lost and
hugs that surrounded us while we questioned fate
Days we never wanted to end
and some nights we thought never would
Time and holidays spent cradled with song, guitar and presence
                                                                                      ~ Ck 1999


Heart Lyrics

If I only had the words to write the songs

If I only knew the lyrics of your heart
I’d bundle them with love and tender care
Wish away your blues and wipe away the pain

Surround you with the perfect alibi
Convict you of a sin
Set sentence of a fire that ever burns
Deep within the rapture of my soul

I missed you today
And yesterday I know I heard your voice
In my thoughts as the phone rang off the wall
I shuddered when you weren’t on the other end

Tender crossing through that mighty threshold
Breaking over boundaries in the darkness
The stars we wish upon a night be blended
Throughout a fair, fair land of never ever ended

Surround you with the perfect alibi
Convict you of a sin
Set sentence of a fire that ever burns
Deep within the rapture of my soul

Working all along the way,
Always wanting to show you the way
The way of the world,
Wanting you to be there to comfort and
Show me all that there is in you and us and we

All the things I missed along the way



Tiny high pitched tears
hitting the ground like icicles being catapulted from a frozen roof to claim their space in the universe…….screaming out for forgiveness, searching for calmness, grasping for peace and all the while calling out for anyone that will listen
Could you hear my tiny high pitched tears this morning
before they hit the ground like torpedoes vaulting from the sky
They fell in the sink and in the shower and were washed down separate drains all emptying into one big hemisphere, joining all the others from the past since you left
tumbling through the hemisphere
wallowing in wet drippy biospheres
Did you see them
Did you feel them
Did you hear them

They fell steadily in streams like the ocean tide
Welling up and then bursting
I cry everyday
And it’s February already
At least once
If not more
Washing over my face like the holy water that was flung on your casket that fateful day
That changed my life
That changed all of our lives
My thoughts
My feelings

I find myself looking over my shoulder to catch a glimpse of you
Just a tiny one
But I can’t find you
Can’t see you
Can’t remember the last time we just chilled
Without the ugly green cancer monster glaring down
Waiting to pounce
I miss those times that
you were free
and carefree
and full of life without the needles and pokes and poison
You had a profound effect on me
On my wants
My needs
My what abouts and what nots
The” I didn’t have time” and the
“Sorry I missed you”
Just excuses of tiny tears
Lying in the potholes of life sinking further and further away from existence

The people we meet form the foundation of our lives that when built upon allow us to bloom and blossom in ways that we never would have anticipated.