Cold Sunday In a "Funk"

Di would be telling me to get out of my "funk" I'm sure.
She always had a good attitude even when things were going not-so-good. 
I could always count on her to pull me out of whatever funk I was in and lift me up.

I miss that.
I miss her big hugs.
I miss hearing her voice.
I miss knowing that she was just a phone call away.

Dammit this cold just makes everything worse and makes me not want to do anything that I'd like to do; not what I have to do.

If I could, I'd transport us both back to the winery, have a few glasses of wine and do this day all over again and enjoy "more" of the day and I'm sure I would be far from any kind of funk.

This is the last photo that I have of Di and I together; drinking wine at Prairie Crossing and chatting. So glad that I got this photo! Thanks honey for taking it!!

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