Birthday Girl

This time of the year is difficult.  
The leaves are changing colors and falling swiftly from their branch counterparts.
The air has a deep chill of cold that is going to take some getting used to.
The sun is up later and tucks in for a nightly slumber much earlier.

And, this time of year reminds me of today and those fateful days following this day that Di was with us and then she was gone. Too quick, too short, too little time. 

I wish I could hang the stars up in the evening and sit under them with a hot cup of coffee and a sparkling redhead by my side giggling away.  

I can say I wish, I wish, I wish but it will do me no favors.  
I only hope that I never forget the times that I had with Di and how much I cherished them at the time and how much more I cherish them today. 

I constantly kick myself being a photographer and having so few pictures of Di.  I wish I could have the opportunity to take photos of Di again.....

So, today is the Di-girl's birthday and I will blow a kiss to the skies in the early morning and say a little prayer for my girl.....

And Remembrance....


So Tired and So Sad

Over the past few weeks things have been a bit daunting and with the rigors of the day and constant barrage of the nation news things could not look any bleaker so I have to say that I join Karen in saying I am tired too and sad and spending time in contemplation.
I am ALSO affected in my little corner of the world.

With the events of the past week, one sticks firmly in the grasp of my mind....
that quote by Robin Williams:

"No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world"  

With the events of the past week, I truly believe that the "ideas" that Robin Williams presented to the world truly did and will have an impact on changing the world if albeit a small percentage. 

We do not as outsiders know the reasons or the hows or whys of the situation and we never will but the one thing that I find troubling is the lack of respect and the lack of dignity that has unfolded in the media.

What do we need on this earth to grow and move past the issues, concerns, grief and sorrows?

Thyme - A TRUE healer in the plant world.....ironic
that TIME is also what helps the healing process....

We all need room to grow and we all need people (even though some of us think we can 'go it alone') and we need the caring and tenderness of the world to wrap it's arms around us and tell us it is going to be okay.
We need time to process the last few devastating weeks in our world and we all need to say a little prayer for those that are suffering because we can only imagine their pain and wish that they did not have to walk in their own shoes right now.
It is going to be okay...
It will be okay...
Many hugs today and tomorrow...


Never Forget

I was waiting for the
Longest time, she said.
I thought you forgot, she said.

It is hard to forget, I said
When there is
Such an empty space

When you are gone….

A good cup of coffee and a good friend...I will never forget my first cup of coffee with Di


PaPa Godspeed ...

In this crazy world that we live in there are so many times that time takes away and fills the spaces that should be reserved for those that we love.  We get busy with life and deadlines and appointments and the full plate of being an adult and lose focus.  And sometimes during the small moments we find in the out spaces of a day we reflect and remember those special times and realize that they WERE significant pieces of our lives.
I met a man several years ago that had a twinkle in his eye and a smile as big as the state of Texas and as he shook my hand with a strong grip he said that I was a "tall drink of water and a pretty one at that" and then he proceeded to hug me unconditionally.  This man was PaPa and I will never forget his stature and his presence and his kindness and his genuine soul that day that he welcomed me into "the family".

Over the years there were several phone conversations and a few times that I was able to see him and be entertained by his words and his stories.  I will never forget the bologna and mayo sandwich story at the BBQ restaurant, the fire ants at The Ranch, his prized bulls, reciting the ABC's backwards saying "I learned the alphabet backwards before I ever learned it forwards", his story about the 'hoosey goosey mountains',  the way that he would say "well, that's good" with such inflection, the selective hearing skills when the Dallas Cowboys were on tv, all the pets that the family had over the years since they once owned a pet store; namely a monkey that lived with the family and the wholesome and genuine concern that he had for everyone...all the time.  I cannot remember a time that I talked with him that he did not ask about how someone was doing.  It was just his nature, just PaPa...

PaPa was a true Texas gentleman with riches far more than gold or any monetary value.  He had a strong conscience and knew what was important in life....family and laughter and remembrance of times past.

I will hold those memories in my heart, in my thoughts and in my soul forever.  

"PaPa" Elmo 1920-2014

Today was the send off for PaPa....a fitting day; National Armed Services Day, a fitting tribute for a great man that has a legacy that will live on and on in the hearts and minds and souls of all that he touched.
Godspeed PaPa...you and the family have been in my thoughts all day.  I wish I could have been there.

We all loved you so very much...


Another Mother's Day....

Without Di....
We sure miss that smile and those hugs she gave.....

Pain of her loss still resonates....


Happy Birthday Chloe.....

Another birthday another year gone so quickly....
I hope that today brings you good cheer, good friends and good memories!

Memories and Hugs to you....


Listening Well.....Story People

Di LOVED Story People sayings....she introduced me to their little company years ago when it was just a little company with lots of words and colors and thoughts that were written by the heart for the heart.

This writing from Story People is exactly what I needed today.....it exemplifies Di

She had the gift of stopping time & listening well so that it was easy to hear who we could become & that was the future she held safe for each of us in her great heart & you may ask, what now? & I hope you understand when we speak softly among ourselves & do not answer just yet for our future is no longer the same without her.

I still find myself speaking softly to myself when I realize and know that I was so lucky to have lost such a good friend.....

Wants & Needs Today,


The people we meet form the foundation of our lives that when built upon allow us to bloom and blossom in ways that we never would have anticipated.