The Future and A Very Special Angel

A very special angel is magically and faithfully watching over her family today and placing a special emphasis on her youngest  who celebrates her day of graduation. 

Today marks the end of one segment and the beginning of a brand new phase for Chloe.  What the future brings is unknown to us but what I know is that over the years Di imparted her love, wisdom and grace upon her children to live fully and prosper with kindness, faith and soulfulness. 

Over the years I was in awe at the directions that Di and Jerome taught their children.  There was honesty and openness and always eloquent love. Sometimes it was quiet, hushed or unspoken love and other times it was loud and unrelentless love, but it was always love. It could be counted on.  And it was always there whenever anyone needed a little piece of it.  Always.
The journey of your life Chloe will be rich with the past experiences you have had and fostered with the values and the love that your mother and your family have bestowed upon you for generations to come.

Love you much Chloe

Just wish your mom's wish would have come true and she could be there for this day to make it extra special for her Chloe girl! My heart is with you today and as you move forward with your life remember to keep her memory tucked tightly in your heart and you will never lose your way.


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