Birthday Girl

This time of the year is difficult.  
The leaves are changing colors and falling swiftly from their branch counterparts.
The air has a deep chill of cold that is going to take some getting used to.
The sun is up later and tucks in for a nightly slumber much earlier.

And, this time of year reminds me of today and those fateful days following this day that Di was with us and then she was gone. Too quick, too short, too little time. 

I wish I could hang the stars up in the evening and sit under them with a hot cup of coffee and a sparkling redhead by my side giggling away.  

I can say I wish, I wish, I wish but it will do me no favors.  
I only hope that I never forget the times that I had with Di and how much I cherished them at the time and how much more I cherish them today. 

I constantly kick myself being a photographer and having so few pictures of Di.  I wish I could have the opportunity to take photos of Di again.....

So, today is the Di-girl's birthday and I will blow a kiss to the skies in the early morning and say a little prayer for my girl.....

And Remembrance....

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