The Calm After The Storm - The Beauty That Surrounds Us

This is the shot I grabbed right as the sun was at it's brightest

The other day, we had a furious storm that blanketed our lives that first began with a violently hot and humid day with temperatures in the high 90's and heat indexes reaching 110 +.
It was a day that started hot, progressed through the day with increasing humidity and then a bang of storms with wind shears of sometimes 70-80 mph and rain and hail.  No tornados, thankfully but sirens blaring announcing the introduction of high winds coupled with heavy rains that lasted for hours among the dark and ominious skies that were lit only by the intense lightning show.
When I finally arrived home, the rain had subsided to a calm, steady fine mist, the clouds and dark skies changed quickly to open up and the sun enveloped the world in bright blinding oranges and red hues which provided an amazing view.  I noticed as the sun was welcomed in it brought with it a beautiful rainbow that appeared as a double rainbow and then prominently displayed itself as the magnificent beauty of a single rainbow stream that was able to be viewed from one side to the other.
I quickly ran and grabbed my camera and darted through the rain soaked grass to grab a few shots of the wonderment of nature and all that it gives us each and every day.  The rainbow was so large and view was just a speck of the rainbow but I managed to get some good shots.

This was taken after the sun calmed and left the beauty of a magnificent rainbow, nature's bounty at it's finest

When I see rainbows, I think about Di. 
There is not much these days that doesn't reminid me of her though...
My life will never be the same and the bad days seem to be very bad and the good days are good, but it's hard sometimes to pull the 'really good' out of those good days. 

Of all the years that we drove together to classes, sat in parking lots waiting for parking spaces and wandered the campus together, the Arts Building was one of our favorites.  One semester, a class was doing advanced printmaking and one student did an entire collection on rainbows.  Di loved that collection, her eyes lit up and she had that crazy little giggle as we looked over the collection. 

A few weeks later, we were sitting in my car, waiting again for a parking space in the lot and there had been a tremendous thunderstorm and as the storm cleared, a rainbow appeared.  Di and I always talked and sometimes we had crazy conversations about many silly things.  We started talking about the pot 'o gold that might be at the end of that particular rainbow (we could only see one part of it), and I told her that I would give anything up to go and fetch that pot 'o gold for her and she told me that I'd have to keep half of it....always Di, always thinking of others, always offering her little 'piece of the pie' and her part of the pot 'o gold to someone else.

A rainbow for Di; even though I'm sure that she has already found that pot 'o gold and she has already shared it with everyone she has met.........along with that crazy little giggle and her big smile.

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