The Bell Jar - Muse and Wants

Novel The Bell Jar. Published in the early 1960s, shows the book’s bright college-aged protagonist envisions her future life choices — motherhood, career, travel — as plump figs on a tree. She can’t choose among these inviting figs and so she’s paralyzed:
“I wanted each and every one of them, but choosing one meant losing all the rest ...... ...... "
I have always been a reader of Sylvia Plath's works and always find that the insight she had with her words spoke to many in so many different ways. 

This chapter excerpt always reminded me of Di because she always wanted everything and never wanted to just choose one thing.  So, instead, she spread herself all around so that everyone could have a little piece of her.

I still hold that piece of her in my heart and in my soul and will forever and a day beyond...


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