Mothers Day ..... Another Year Around The Calendar

Today is another Mother's Day and another Mother's Day without Di. 
The calendar moves so quickly from one birthday to the next holiday.
The "marker" the "place" chosen for her "marker" is one that fills me with sadness nevertheless it is the marker....the day that I left that "place" and every time after that I visit that "place" I find myself walking away with the same sentiment...
"I'll save a place in my heart for you" as I leave that marked place.
I only wish everyday that I did not have to have a place "saved" in my heart for the memory of Di because this is where the hurt remains.  I wish she was here so that I could give her a Mother's Day card and hear that boisterious laugh and get one of those terrific Di hugs that I have missed...

Love to Di and her mother and sister and all of the other mothers out there today and always that give unconditional love.

Peace, Love and Hugs...

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