RAK Week Feb 11-17

This past week was Random Acts of Kindness Week (RAC Week) and over on their site  Random Acts of Kindness they showcased many people and many ideas all about kindness.

One particular individual, Hannah Brencher's idea was one resonated within me and she was also the 2013 Extreme Kindness Winner. 
Here is her video:

We all have times, days, weeks, months and years when things do not seem "right" and all seem a bit off center.  What Hannah has done to catapult people is to write an actual letter...no, not an email but something tangible that you can actually hold in your hand, something, a piece of paper that forces you to unfold it and smooth the creases of the paper and soak up all the goodness that is truly what a love letter means from one person to a complete stranger. 


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