Making A Life Worth Living In The Times We Live In Today

Evermore I come back to the goodness of life and love and trials and tribulations in my reading and my writing as I continue on my journey.  This is a great article about the importance of making connections and the understanding that in one way or another we are all connected and we all hold great meaning in our own little worlds to one another.

Dennis Rivers is the author of this article that showcases the observations of spiritual comrades and the different "kinds" of spiritual friendships.

“Companions in the Storm (http://ecobodhi.org/guide/companions/) by Dennis Rivers is republished here under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. For more information about Creative Commons licenses, please visit www.CreativeCommons.org.”

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The people we meet form the foundation of our lives that when built upon allow us to bloom and blossom in ways that we never would have anticipated.