Saturday Memories

I’d give anything to hear your laugh again and to sip a cup of strong coffee with you
I despise fighting this world without you and I despise that you are not here to make things better for me
Quite selfish of me, I know but none of us deserved this outcome
The outcome of without you is not an outcome at all but rather a journey I have to continue on without my pal...

I remember when we took the infamous printing class and spent more time in idle chatter than actually doing type-press but we both loved it and the outcome was in a word...FAB 
We spent a lot of evenings in the studio working away until late in the night and for awhile I felt like I never wanted to see another type letter or have to put away another type letter....but alas you were always so positive, so confident, so overwhelmingly Di and you kept us pushing along even when the press did not want to work.  

When the ideas flowed, the coffee flowed and the time just disappeared.  I had a dream the other night that we were in the studio working and you were looking radiant and laughter filled the little cracks and crevices of the art room and it engulfed me in a huge hug.....it was FAB and I loved every moment of the dream moment and I was sad when I awoke and it was Friday, your birthday.....was that one of those nondescript signs you sent me? 

BTW I'm still waiting for you to pinch me really hard ..... what you told me you would do one day from heaven

Enjoying the Joy
Tooling Through the Past,

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