Remembrances and Writing and JUST Breathe

Today I have been working on my Thesis and was writing my Dedication(s) and included Di (of course) and remembered so many things and thoughts and silly things and one thing in particular I remember from that FIRST DAY that I met her in Abnormal Psych ..... I know! .... of all places was when I asked her if she was struggling with the course and she tilted her head and said

"Strugglin' .... ME?  Never, I'm relaxing and keeping the stress to a minimum, can't you see my meditation cloud over my head?"  THAT became our little mantra for THAT course.....OMG and right now while I'm knee deep in research and review and contemplation and that wanna-throw-my-laptop-and-anything-nearby I have to laugh and think back to when Di had that "power" to engage me and MOTIVATE ME to keep keeping on and do it with such panache.

Oh how I miss that! 
So, I'm not going to forget to breathe through this entire process and I'm gonna keep looking up and pointing to that little teeny itty bitty meditation cloud that sits right above my head (keeping the stress to a minimum) just like Di told me she was doing that very first day I met her in that redhead fashion of hers that she did SO VERY WELL.

Love you much Di and still miss you much more than ever,

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