Post Freedom Day

I have memories of all of the holidays that bring me back to Di.

The Fourth of July is one of those memorable holidays for me with Di and her family. 
Many years ago Di invited me to come with her and Jerome and the kids to her brother's house in Keystone to celebrate the 4th.  It was the first time in a very long time that I had been among so many people who were related and loved being a family. 

When I was younger, we used to make monthly trips to see family and on holidays when the entire gang got together and it was a bustle of people and faces and loudness. Over the years  those trips stopped and I became accustomed to small gatherings with friends.

 On that July 4th day, I was introduced to all of Di's family including her crazy brothers who taunted me and teased me. It was an overwhelming day, but it was a good day. I was officially introduced to Di's side of the family with a "bang" on the 4th.

On this post-fouth of July (July 5th), I am remembering, recounting and refreshing my thoughts knowing that the politically correct "version" of the reason for July 4 is our country's independence but in the back of mind I know that Di gained freedom at last and I celebrate that....for Her....and for me.....

I know that somewhere up high in those clouds in one of the twinkling sparkling vibrant  magnificent shows of light and fire on the eve of the 4th Di was smiling at me and I'm sure that I caught a little piece of her when I danced in the light among the stars taking photographs last night....or at least I hope in my heart she was....


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