Today marks the birthday of my sister, Nancy. 
It has been 35 years since she passed away.
I have fond memories of Nancy that take me back to when I was young.

Music was an integral part of Di's life and I remember Nancy and how much she loved her music.  I can still see her holding her arms up high in praise in the front pew of the church singing Jesus Loves Me at the top of her lungs.  What magnificience my parents missed out on.  They never went to Sunday services; it was me that escorted Nancy to services at our church two blocks from our house.  A yellow polka dotted sundress adorned with three cherries embroidered on the hem was her favorite "Sunday" dress.  She wore those little socks with lace on them and her polished shiny white mary janes. And when she was feeling good, she'd skip ahead of me and I sometimes would hear her heels as they clicked against the pavement and in between the clicks you could hear her humming as her little purse swung back and forth as it fought to find a stable place on her ever-moving forearm as her sun hat bobbed up and down.  When she was not feeling the best, she would still insist on going to church.  She had that drive like Di, that perserverence that could not keep her down.

Di and Nancy would have gotten along fancifully; in fact, I probably would have been the third wheel if they would have ever met.  But, time and place and people and life pave our paths and if my life was nill of Nancy's death, I'm sure that things would have been very different in my life and of course in hers.

Today I celebrate Nancy's Birthday and the joy that she brought to me during her short 7 years here.
I'm sure she's singing to everyone and her bright blue eyes light up every time she giggles with God.

A life.
A sister.
A daughter.
Missed dearly.
Missed memories.
Missed sister bonds over a lifetime.

It has been many years since I lost my sister. Time has passed, memories fade but still remain etched in my brain. "Our Little Sunshine" shines on her headstone. A life cut short too soon. Left-handed wonder with a purple crayon that wrote from the right side of the page to the left side of the page. Amazing talent. Amazing grace. Amazing stamina. Amazing strength. Amazing faith.

Here's to knowing that there are two special angels up there watching over me each and every day...

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