The upcoming year will bring more challenges I am sure and I am looking at the year as an open book, one that will allow me to break open my limitiations, allow for my grace to stand front and center and give myself permission to be me through the freedom of expression and creativity. For years I locked away the creative side and pushed it away because I 'just never had time' but this year I feel that I need to delve into those projects that I wanted to do over the years and feel a sense of accomplishment in my soul. If I don't get them all done, that's okay too because letting a little humility in every once in a while is good for the soul too.

I found this blog by accident and the words that she wrote literally "spoke" to me and where I'm at right now; I'm sure that Di would agree....

"She was precisely where she needed to be, even in her brokenness, and she would know where to go from here".

  ~Maya Stein (Crossing The Border, 10.06.2010)

I'm not sure that I have quite figured out where I need to go yet from here, but I have hope that I am at least on the right track to wonderfulness and fulfillment in my life and I have a guide from heaven to lead me on my journey...and she is quite the creative girl too!


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