Be Gentle With Your Soul Today

I heard this and was taken aback...wondering how I could be gentle with my soul, how I could cause others to be gentle also.  The payoff is the quiet times that you can find in a little spot of sun or against a wall leaning and breathing and feeling the wind as it brushes over and around your face in a little kiss from the wind. 

We are all so busy, my famous line is "I don't have time for this" or Now? as I ask when I feel that I'm being pulled in yet another direction when in fact it's just casual conversation saying we should do this or that or whatever, but not right now.  My mind jumps and then methodically my mouth releases that resounding response that is normally misconstrued as me thinking it needs to be done at that very moment. As my mind categorically tries to find logic and mix around the many pieces of the projects and jobs that I'm performing or due to be performing so that I can fit this one thing into my schedule I find myself saying yes to too many things.  I guess I have never really "not" known what it is like to not be busy and running and dashing and darting from one thing to the next big thing in order to try and get ahead when all I do is tend to run in circles because I've never attained the goals that I have set out for myself....yet...

Life is so damn difficult and if someone would have told me a very long time ago to manage things differently, I probably would have laughed at them and said "whatever, okay, okay." But as I look back today, I feel that IF I would have managed things differently, I probably would not need to find the time, take the time and have to make the time in between the hustles of everyday to be gentle with my own soul. 


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