Taking A Step...in the right direction

Since Di passed away, I have not taken as many photographs as I probably should be taking. 
I never took ENOUGH photos of Di, I only have a few and Jerome supplied me with an entire cd of photos to which I am eternally grateful forever for....

 "Presence"    08-14-2010
 I decided to take the plunge and enter a photo into a creative contest that I took after I shot a wedding last year when the clouds moved in and the sun was shooting over and through the clouds. I used a filter to refract the light and attempted to bounce the brightness by shooting directly into the sun and took quite a few photos (the beauty of digital) until I found the one that I really liked that had just the right amount of glare and colors that had refracted off my lens.  The clouds looked ominious and the sky looked like it was getting ready to open up and shout at me for taking so many photos but I just loved the result that I got.  I did a little dodging and burning in photoshop but the end result was one that I think I can live with. 
I call this "Presence" because every time I look into the sky I have that feeling of 'hope' that Di is watching over me.   Di will forever be present in my memory.


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