Monologues of Life

First Published: Monday, September 30, 1991
by Richard Corliss, Time Magazine

"We all live monologues. These conversations with ourselves are the endless, anarchic commentary running in our brains. They contain — just barely — our rage and desperation. They are the rough drafts of spoken discourse, the side trips into daydream irrelevancies, the lusts and prejudices left unsaid but so deeply felt. Ultimately, our interior monologues amount to a lifelong novel in progress, or perhaps the world's windiest suicide note. Transcribed, they could tell more about what we are than everything we do."

Our lives are depictions of 'snapshots' in time, places we were, things we did and the memories of the past.  Whether it be commentary, notes in a shoebox or those thoughts and words we huddle in the corner to hide away from others, they are all our thoughts and they are important and newsworthy and part of us through every step we take on our journeys.

I find this article so interesting, so poignant, so "present" at this time in my life.  In our journey through life we collect mementos, catalog our snapshots both tangible and those in our memory and these are the things that are the most 'telling' of our lives, our history, our souls.  It's the little things in our lives that mean the very most.

Peace today and always.

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