Memorial Day Weekend Thoughts

In life we do things all for different reasons and this weekend is very indicative of this phrase. 
We do things for other people, we support people, we cherish people, we celebrate people, we offer a shoulder to cry on, we offer a hug as we extend our hearts and try to heal from the past. 

This weekend was no exception to the reasons why as individuals we care so very much and we hurt so very much.  I found myself sitting off to the side in a church, feeling as alone as I did the day that I took my first walk and my first breath and my first seat to attend Di's memorial.



Joplin Tornado

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The images, the stories the loss and the sheer magnitude of the eruption of the tornado that decimated Joplin Missouri will be forever etched in the memory of our nation.

From the rubble so many “things” that are mere tangible items are worn and tattered as if they have been through a war, artillery attack or an explosion.
The gut-wrenching stories of those that lived through this horrific ordeal and those that watched their loves ones perish or are still looking and holding onto the hope that they will be found tatters the landscape of this sleepy community that in its pristine elegance used to be lined with trees and greenery and the American Dream of each and every one of its citizens. May 22, 2011, shows the tragic power of weather and how it can topple, tumble and torment with such a tumultuous intensity.
It’s all like a bad, bad dream. Like the nightmare that won’t let you go, won’t let you wake up until you’ve endured the impossible, the unspeakable and when it finally does, you wake in a cold sweat with your mind swirling about if what you have experienced is real or imagined.

My thoughts and prayers are with this entire community as they try to recover, rebuild and find a sense of normalcy amdist the chaos.  Let the memories be a guide to the future and know that we will never forget.

Pay it forward.
Help those that would help you in a tragedy.


Mother's Day Without a Very Special Mother...Again

Today is Mother's Day and there is a pull inside me like a cord that's being tug too tightly.  Wandering through my soul I felt the lonliness yesterday as I passed through the card aisle and I knew I had no need to buy one of those tactile reminders of how great of a mother she is.  I know in my heart that Di was a great mother every day and every minute and the proof of her teachings, accomplishments and love can be found in her children, everyday. Today of course is just another day but it weighs heavily on my mind this early morning like the dew sitting on a new spring flower almost ready to tip it over from the weight. 

I think I will spend some time today both in reflection and also with Mother Earth and turn some soil to ready the earth for my garden. 

A very special Mother's Day....Di, her Mom and Sister
Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers that make such a difference in our lives.



Happy Birthday Chloe Girl...

Today is Chloe's birthday and I'm sure that on this day she will be celebrating and also thinking back to the last birthday she spent with her mom.  Hold those memories dear and close to your heart, honey. I know Chloe that your mom is always with you and this is something you can cherish forever...her never-ending spirit that lives within you.

Happy Birthday Chloe Girl!

Know that if you ever need anything; I'm there for YOU...
Peace forever,



Pluralism - A Journey

Wouldn't this just be a wonderful tribute to the loved ones we have lost? ...
“Floating Lanterns” by Dwight K Morita.  2010. 
Pluralism Project Photography Contest Grand Prize Winner

I found this wonderful site while I was doing some research for a paper I have been writing and I was in awe at the magnificent photography on this site.  In 1991, Harvard University began a study of the impact of the changing religious landscape from a global diversity perspective.    

I had never really thought about what the term pluralism really meant until I spent some time researching and reading about the importance of it in everyone's daily lives. 
There are 4 main areas that define pluralism:

the energetic engagement with diversity
the active seeking of understanding across lines of difference
the encounter of commitments
and all communications must be based on dialogue

Looking at the importance of this project, the outcomes and the impression that it can leave on a community is amazing.  People coming together, connecting, appreciating, living and loving not based on what religion they practice, what color their skin is or what income bracket they classify their home and belongings is some of the most important aspects of defining, reaching out and grasping the overall gravity of this movement.  I say "movement" because this is paramount to overcoming the walls and grudges that we as both a nation and as individuals sometimes put up when there is something that is foreign or misunderstood.  We are all guilty of this at one time or another in our lives and this project truly emulates the importance of tolerance and fruitful existence. 
What important words to live by....

The "Floating Lanterns" depicted in the above photo is described on the Pluralism website as:

These floating lanterns memorialize those that have passed away at Ala Moana Park in Honolulu, Hawaii.  As the sun sets in the background, small boats with Buddhist monks and church volunteers help to launch and shepherd the small armada of lantern ships, each inscribed with sentiments from family and friends.  This traditional Buddhist practice began as a small ritual, but has since grown to become a major event attracting thousands of people of all faiths from around the world. 

What a wonderful tribute to our loved ones...
On the cusp of today and the tiptoes of tomorrow.

Just my thoughts.
Good Vibes.


The people we meet form the foundation of our lives that when built upon allow us to bloom and blossom in ways that we never would have anticipated.