Mother's Day Without a Very Special Mother...Again

Today is Mother's Day and there is a pull inside me like a cord that's being tug too tightly.  Wandering through my soul I felt the lonliness yesterday as I passed through the card aisle and I knew I had no need to buy one of those tactile reminders of how great of a mother she is.  I know in my heart that Di was a great mother every day and every minute and the proof of her teachings, accomplishments and love can be found in her children, everyday. Today of course is just another day but it weighs heavily on my mind this early morning like the dew sitting on a new spring flower almost ready to tip it over from the weight. 

I think I will spend some time today both in reflection and also with Mother Earth and turn some soil to ready the earth for my garden. 

A very special Mother's Day....Di, her Mom and Sister
Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers that make such a difference in our lives.


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