Joplin Tornado

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The images, the stories the loss and the sheer magnitude of the eruption of the tornado that decimated Joplin Missouri will be forever etched in the memory of our nation.

From the rubble so many “things” that are mere tangible items are worn and tattered as if they have been through a war, artillery attack or an explosion.
The gut-wrenching stories of those that lived through this horrific ordeal and those that watched their loves ones perish or are still looking and holding onto the hope that they will be found tatters the landscape of this sleepy community that in its pristine elegance used to be lined with trees and greenery and the American Dream of each and every one of its citizens. May 22, 2011, shows the tragic power of weather and how it can topple, tumble and torment with such a tumultuous intensity.
It’s all like a bad, bad dream. Like the nightmare that won’t let you go, won’t let you wake up until you’ve endured the impossible, the unspeakable and when it finally does, you wake in a cold sweat with your mind swirling about if what you have experienced is real or imagined.

My thoughts and prayers are with this entire community as they try to recover, rebuild and find a sense of normalcy amdist the chaos.  Let the memories be a guide to the future and know that we will never forget.

Pay it forward.
Help those that would help you in a tragedy.

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