Constellation: Di Brich | Stand Up To Cancer

Cancer is insidious and it knows no boundaries. SU2C was created as a bridge to gap the inadequacies that are currently seen in the fight against all cancers. It is a "place" for those to retreat to and build courage, trust and the added zing needed in the fight against cancer with donations going directly to research. Too many people have been lost to cancer and without the proper funding and channeling of those funds it will continue to wreak havoc on the lives and the lives of the families of those that suffer from cancer. That is the purpose of SU2C.

Di was a blessing to me and her life was cut short because of this awful disease.

View Di's star below and donate in her memory if you are able to.  We need to take a stand against cancer.

Stand Up To Cancer - TUNE IN ON SEPTEMBER 10

SU2C has a wonderful area where you can donate and then name a star for someone.
Check out this link for Di's star!

It's a lovely way to honor someone who touched your heart...

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