FolkHouse Circa 2006

Many concerts ago, we attended a Folk House Concert at Di & Jerome's and it was lovely.  The music was wonderful, the feeling of intimacy and togetherness and the entire experience was uplifting.  This was back in 2006, and I'm sorry to say that we hadn't attended one since then.  Time is a funny thing and priorities and money get mumbled together and you run out of hours in the day.  I only wish that I had attended more concerts because the feelings I took away from it that night still linger in my soul.  I did have the opportunity to take photos that night and caught Di with the performers and was able to shoot a few of them.  Di just loved all of the performers and she made it a necessary need to do everything she could to make them feel comfortable and welcomed into their house. 

Di introduced the performers and the mic was too high for her, but she didn't let that stop her from welcoming everyone into her home that night. 

A quick shot in Di's kitchen.....

The one photo that I took that night personifies Di in her element, red hair and smiling; just like she was the day that I met her so very long ago.  
Di made everything she did seem so easy and her casual "hi there" and hugs did make it easy, easy for all of us all the time. 

My forever girl, Di

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