Nominations Are In ...

I knew that it wouldn't take long before Di was honored for her work over the years with Holy Name. 
She was fabulous, charming, easy to talk to, vibrant, beautiful and loving to all that she came in contact with whether it was in person, on the phone or in emails.  You could just "feel" her concern and need to listen and to of course talk to you anytime that you contacted her.  Being in the development arena at Holy Name gave her "extra" info on people and happenings, she was the go-to-girl for so many things at work.  She told me several times that working at Holy Name did not feel like a "job" to her.  It actually felt like she was with family when she was there. 
She and I talked about her job often and she always talked about the nominations of people for the Hall of Fame, it really tickled her when she had a hand in helping to choose the nominated people.  So many were friends to Di and she seemed poised ready to help anyone out, any time they needed her. 

Holy Name was a perfect fiit for Di; it was meant to be when she graduated from UNO.
Being the party planner, the organizer and the go-to-girl for just about anything, the job fit Di perfectly.  

She needed to be at Holy Name and quite frankly, they needed her too.  Di could talk to someone and remember their name alll the time and know exactly who they were.  She had a knack for this that many people just don't possess. 
As a cheerleader for Holy Name, Di was involved in so many actitivies, benefits and fund raising endeavors and was highly successful in her accomplishments. 

Hats off to you, Di. 

You were one in a million and can never be replaced or imitated. 

Love YOU!

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