StART Healing - A Project In Memory of Di

I have been contemplating a photography piece to donate to StART Healing to benefit cancer programs in memory of Di.  This has been on my mind for several months now and I wanted to find a way that I could make a difference; an impact and give a gift to those that need support in the form of donations.  As an artist, I take great pride in my photography and there are several photos that I have in my collection that I would love for others to enjoy also.  I just have to find the right "one".  The one that personifies what Di meant to me, what she brought to the table and what her life meant to her.  Di loved flowers, her garden was her pride and joy.  Di also loved many types of art in many forms so I'm just not sure where to find a 'jumping off point' to delve into this project.  I know that I will find that perfect flower or outdoor setting that would personify Di and the great soul that she was very soon and I hope to find inspiration for this project in the very near future. Time is of the essence for this project; I have a deadline to meet. 

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