Left Things and Found Gems

Sometimes things get left and within a momentary lapse they are found and you are transformed to another place in time, another era. 
A place when all was right with the world.

My sister's turquoise ring from New Mexico circa 1975
   That old jar of buttons from the 1800's that Grandma gave me
Lost and forgotten lottery tickets stuffed in the kitchen drawer
   The garden hoe left in the backyard found after the winter thaw
Grandma's writing journal from the 70's you have
   A photo of the family you used to be a part of when you were 16
The 1980's chrome belt you thought you gave to the Goodwill
   Actual silver coins from the early 1900's that you've held onto
Pure white sand the first time at the Texas beach
   Aspen leaves from Colorado that give me solitude
Touchstones carved in lapis that Tish gave me years back
   The writings you put in a shoebox with organizational intentions
That crumpled 2x2 picture of Grandpa Earl standing tall
   An old deathstar keychain from Star Wars that actually still works
Report cards from grade school
   Aunt Betty's recipe for cherry cobbler that you thought you lost
Dad's "Buick Spoken Here" business card
   Bean's word rocks she gave me for Christmas many moons ago

And then, there are the old photos.
They have been living crammed in a box.
Weathering the years.
Negatives from school projects and just because photos.
All the while waiting for you to return.
To reclaim your memories...
To reclaim your past...
To ponder in the complexities of what life is offering up now versus then...

Over the years, I had the opportunity to spend quality family time with Di and her family.  When I was single, I was pretty much a staple in their household.  I went with them on an adventure to a nature preserve one Sunday afternoon in 1998 and snapped a few photos. 
I always will remember the times. 
It was always loud, full of love and it was always just where I needed to be.  With family.

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