My Perennial, my forever friend

With all the snow that we've had this year it's hard to even think about Spring ever getting here.
We have been covered with a blanket of white over the past month and the grass below is getting the needed moisture and will be ready for a thaw soon.  When I start to see the first shoots appear I know that I'm going to think of Di.  She loved flowers and gardens and could name about any flower that I described to her and tell me how to tend to it, when to cut it down if necessary for a winter snooze or to leave it because it needed the shelter of it's stalks to survive a brutal Nebraska winter.  We talked alot about flowers and plants and vegetables and made trips to the Farmer's Market a few times to indulge in the fruits and flora of other's handiwork.  One time I was at a boutique and I found a decorated pot on a stick that called out to me and said take me to Di, I belong in Di's garden.  So, I bought it and took it to her. 
Ken and I were in Nebraska City one early fall weekend and I found a huge willow basket that just screamed Di and I brought it home, filled it with lavender and moss and presented it to her.

It's going to be hard to think of Spring and flowers and tending to my garden without my perennial cheerleader to lead me in my quest for successful gardening. 

Always and Forever, Di.

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