Di and Oprah and Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

I remember long ago, Di and I took a Death and Dying course (one of the many classes we attended together), and I have to admit that I took classes I really didn't need so many times so that I would be able to take them with Di because I just couldn't tear myself away from a semester without Di. 
During our class, we did various assignments and one of them was watching an interview with Oprah and Elisabeth Kübler-Ross.  In the interview, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross explained how after people have passed away they sometimes communicate with those that are left behind.  Oprah asked Elisabeth Kübler-Ross if she would be sending any message to her if Elisabeth was to pass away before her.  Elisabeth's response was, "Well of course, I would pinch you on the butt to let you know that I made it okay and that everything would be okay for you too." 

Di told me that if she had a choice, she would send me a message too and that day the two of us made a pact that we would each send one another a message if it was possible.  I told Di that I would tap her on the shoulder lightly to let her know that everything was okay and then Di told me that she would pinch me really hard on the butt when I was least expecting it and that way I would know it would be from her.  I just had to laugh and it still makes me laugh to this day to think of that.

As of yet, I haven't felt any pinching.
I wish I would get a sign of some sort though; it would be good for my soul.

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